Cupcaked by Jaimie | You've just been cupcaked!
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You’ve just been cupcaked!

Find unique masterpieces that you can’t buy in a store.  Every bite is made from

scratch to ensure the quality is more than 100% perfect for your taste buds.

Check out my new logo! Unfortunately I had to change it due to business reasons but I think that the new one looks pretty good! Huge thank you to Amy Sibert with Unbranded Designs for the amazing new logo! UnBranded Designs ...

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Order Cupcakes

Use #jaimiecupcakedme on Instagram to get a free cupcake with your next order!

The Story

Cupcaked by Jaimie is a dream that snuck up on me. It all started with a cupcake competition at my husbands workplace that made me realize that I had actually never made cupcakes before. I started making practice cupcakes and never stopped! Now I want to make cupcakes for a living. I always keep an open mind and seek to meet the needs and wants of every single customer.